Lewis Nkosi. The Black Psychiatrist | Flying Home

Astrid Starck-Adler, Dag Henrichsen (eds.)

Lewis Nkosi. The Black Psychiatrist / Flying Home: Texts, Perspectives, Homage

Language: English
468 pages

  • Print: 978-3-905758-88-7
  • PDF: 978-3-905758-95-5

This rich volume is dedicated to the astounding South African writer and literary critic Lewis Nkosi (1936–2010). In this book, Nkosi’s celebrated one-act play “The Black Psychiatrist” is published together with its unpublished sequel “Flying Home,” a play on the satirically fictionalized inauguration of Mandela as South African president. Critical appraisals, tributes and recollections by scholars and friends reflect on the beat of his writing and life.
An ideal volume for those encountering Lewis Nkosi for the first time as well as for those already devoted to his work. Edited by Astrid Starck, a literary scholar, and Dag Henrichsen, a historian.
“Much has happened to me that is worth narrating, worth celebrating, in spite of the regrets and sorrows of exile. My life began under Apartheid until I attained the age of 22, and then subsequently lived in many places and societies, in Central Africa, Britain, the United States, Poland, and during a brief sojourn, in France and, finally, in Switzerland.”
Lewis Nkosi in „Memoirs of a motherless child“.


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Critique, essayiste, écrivain et dramaturge sud-africain, Lewis Nkosi a été tout d’abord présenté et traduit en France par notre regretté collègue Jean Sevry.
Ce volume contient des inédits de l’auteur disparu en 2010.

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