The Suburbs: New Literary Perspectives

The Suburbs

New Literary Perspectives

University Press Copublishing Division / Fairleigh Dickinson University Press

978-1-68393-302-1 • Hardback • February 2022

Edited by Marie Bouchet; Nathalie Cochoy; Isabelle Keller-Privat and Mathilde Rogez – Contributions by Véronique Béghain; Nicolas P. Boileau; Marie Bouchet; Aurore Clavier; Nathalie Cochoy; Claire Fabre-Clark; Paul Farley; Olivier Gaudin; James Gifford; Heinz Ickstadt; Nathalie Jaëck; Isabelle Keller-Privat; Bastien Meresse; Stacey Olster; Ged Pope; Jérémy Potier; Mathilde Rogez; Richard Samin; Michael Symmons Roberts and Ivan Vladislavić

While suburbs provide a rich field of research for sociologists, architects, urbanists and anthropologists, they have not been given much attention in literary and cultural studies. The Suburbs: New Literary Perspectives sets out to enrich the limited existing body of critical analysis on the subject with a landmark collection of essays offering a far larger perspective than the books or collections published so far on the topic. This interdisciplinary and wide-ranging approach includes literary and art studies, philosophy, and cultural comment. It examines the suburbs across cultural differences, contrasting British, South African and North American suburbs. The specificity of this book therefore lies in a cross-national and cross-continental exploration of these unchartered territories. The suburbs are redefined as those rebellious margins whose geographical borders are necessarily fuzzy and sketch out a common place where cultural frontiers can be transcended. They are, to use Sarah Nuttall’s terminology, places of “entanglement” where contraries meet and where new ways of being in the world is reborn. Seen through the prism of art and literature, the suburbs may then be recognized, as philosopher Bruce Bégout argues, as a “new way of thinking and making urban space.”

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