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CFP: Africa’s books, books in Africa

Call for papers: Africa’s books, books in Africa // Libri d’Africa, libri in Africa // Livres d’Afrique, livres en Afrique

We are pleased to share with you this call for papers in the perspective of an issue of Africa e Mediterraneo journal on the following title: “Africa’s books, books in Africa”.
The issue is coordinated by Raphaël Thierry and Sandra Federici.
This Africa e Mediterraneo issue proposes to examine the real situation of the African publishing industry in the context of globalization and its impact on the diversity of the local and global editorial offer in the era of globalization. Being this edition at a crossroads of several disciplines, the dossier will be enriched by contributions from different fields of study: history of the book, anthropology, linguistics, economics, sciences of communication or sociology of culture.
Contributions addressing (among others) the following topics will be accepted:
– the “international” visibility of the African book;
– the African publishing industry in the global market;
– the African publishing industry through writers’ paths;
– the gift of books in the African book chain;
– the digital media of the editorial diffusion;
– case studies on national or regional contexts of book production;
– the Publishing industry and the book market in African languages…
The proposals (title, abstract of max. 400 words, author and a short biography) must be submitted no later than October 31th 2018 to the following email addresses:;
If the proposal is accepted, the complete article must be submitted by December 3rd 2018.
The articles and the proposals can be submitted in the following languages: Italian, English and French, respecting the AeM editorial standards.
Africa e Mediterraneo is a peer reviewed journal.